Roof Restoration Questions and Answers

Q. Should I get my roof restored?

A. The harsh Queensland sun and storms will, over time, degrade cement tiles, rust metal roofs and accumulate mould growths on Terracotta roof tiles.

Cement tiles become chipped, broken and porous as the paint degrades and oxidises. Unpainted cement tiles will hold water and increase the weight bearing down on the supporting battens and rafters. If left long enough there can be found a layer of sand in the gutter from the tiles breaking down. Metal roofs rust and the sheets become loose. Older metal roofs secured by nails are especially prone to becoming loose.

Nev's Roof Restoration offer a service to screw down previously nailed roofs, thereby giving them the strength to withstand much stronger wind forces. Fibro roofs (asbestos sheeting) deteriorate and grow mould. It is not unusual to find accumulations of asbestos fibres in the gutting of houses with older fibro roofs.The roof of your house protects you and your most valuable assets your home, your possessions and in some circumstances, your life. Nev’s Roof Restoration can correct these issues, locate any potential future problems and seal your roof, making it watertight and weatherproof for many years to come.

Q. What is involved in restoring my roof?

A. Cement tile roofs are the most common tile roofs and the process involves changing cracked, broken and chipped tiles prior to cleaning the roof with a high pressure water blaster. Cracks in tiles are often hidden by dirt and mould so after the roof is cleaned more breaks are often found and these are also replaced. When the cement bedding holding the ridge caps in place has broken away from the tiles beneath it the bedding needs to be either partially or fully replaced. After the bedding has set the ridge caps are further sealed and locked in place with a resin compound known as flexi-point. As its name implies, flexi-point is flexible, allowing it to expand and contract with variations in temperatures over night and day, winter and summer.

The next phase is to apply a sealer coat which, as well as sealing the roof, provides an adherent surface for the top two coats of roofing paint. Terracotta tile roof restoration follows the same steps except that instead of applying a sealer coat and two topcoats a clear glaze is used. The purpose of the glaze coat is to inhibit the growth of fungi and moulds while restoring the tiles to their original colour. Metal roof restoration involves changing rusted and damaged sheets where necessary, screwing any loose sheets down and making the roof watertight before cleaning with a high pressure water blaster. A sealer designed specifically for metal roofs is applied before two coats of rust resistant paint are applied.

Q. Can we partially restore a roof?

A. Yes you can partially restore a roof, for example you might notice the pointing holding the ridge caps in place is cracking and starting to break away. Nev’s Roof Restoration can clean and re-point your roof, changing cracked and broken tiles in the process. However if you should then decide some months later to get it painted then some of the steps will have to be repeated, notably the high pressure cleaning. If you are in doubt about how far to go with your roof restoration our experienced staff can provide advice and recommendations.

Q. What sort of paint do you use?

A. After many years of roof restoration and after trying many different paints we have found Shieldcoat paints to be the most adherent and durable. As well as being locally owned and manufactured, Shieldcoat paints are designed for local conditions.

Q. Should I use a thermal resistant paint?

A. Thermal resistant paints do work. Although they are slightly more expensive the temperature in your house should be 5 to 15 degrees cooler in summer.

Nev's Roof Restoration is Master Builders, QBCC, Colorbond and Shieldcoat certified to re-roof your home


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