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Nev's Roof Restoration servicing Brisbane for over 22 years


Roof Painting & Roof Repairs Brisbane.

Nev's Roof Restoration was established in 2001 to fill a void in the Brisbane residential restoration market by providing professional and personal workmanship coupled with honest, friendly customer service.

We at Nev’s Roof Restoration pride ourselves on being ‘professionals you can trust’, providing our customers with a wide range of roof repair and roof restoration services including: metal, tile & fibre roof replacement, restoration, as well as offering the leaf free Gutter Guard.

We are based in Brisbane's South East Suburbs, but we work throughout the greater Brisbane region.

Nev's Roof Restoration is a member of Master Builders Association and is fully QBCC licensed and insured. Read our terms and conditions here.


Time Saver

Our team aims to perform all roof repairs and other services efficiently in the shortest time possible, ensuring less hassle and disruption to you and your home. 



Get the best roof quality and services at an affordable price. We make sure to make the most of whatever budget you have in mind. 


High-Quality Value

Combining excellent workmanship and expert knowledge, Nev's Roof Restoration Brisbane provides quality services which are second-to-none.

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Why Choosing Nev's Roof Restoration is the BEST Decision

  • Fully Licensed and Insured

    Everyone in our team is fully licensed and insured. This way, you can entrust the condition and quality of your roof to the hands of experts.

  • Experienced Professional

    With over 18 years in the industry, our team is equipped with the right knowledge and skills to perform a wide range of roof repair and restoration services.

  • Friendly and Accommodating

    We deliver every service with a smile. Our team is more than happy to help you with your roof problems. Our friendly staff will help you and discuss your roof needs over the phone or through email

  • The Best in the Business

    Nev's Roof Restoration always rings a bell in the roof repair and restoration business. More and more customers have reached out to us, and every project ended with results far beyond their expectations.

  • Customer Satisfaction is a Priority

    At Nev's Roof Restoration, customer satisfaction is a priority. We modify our roof restoration and repair services to match your needs. That's why we encourage our clients to discuss their preferences and have an onsite inspection.


Josh Callegari

Josh, an integral member of our team, serves as our resident pointer, consistently guiding our efforts towards success. He brings a unique perspective to our collaborative endeavours. Beyond his professional acumen, Josh is known for his remarkable sense of humour, infusing light-heartedness, and camaraderie into even the most challenging of projects. His ability to find laughter during tasks demonstrates his resilience and dedication to fostering a positive work environment.

Aidan Tayles

Aidan, our youngest team member, is incredibly versatile and does many different tasks with ease. He's always polite and cheerful, which brings a great atmosphere to our work site. Most of the time, he works alongside Josh, and together they handle day-to-day tasks smoothly. Aidan's positive energy and teamwork make a big difference, boosting everyone's mood and getting things done efficiently.


Steven Tayles

Steven, a key founding member, brings extensive expertise to our team, particularly in roofing projects. His primary responsibility involves adding the finishing touch by painting roofs, ensuring that every job is completed to perfection. Steven's wealth of experience ensures top-notch workmanship, and his dedication to client satisfaction shines through as he meticulously oversees the final stages of each project. His role encapsulates a commitment to both craftsmanship and client contentment, cementing his integral place within our team.

Nevin Mulrine

Nevin, our founding member and owner of Nev's Roof Restorations, has been at the helm since the company's modest inception. With a vast reservoir of industry knowledge, Nevin's leadership has been instrumental in propelling our company forward. His guidance not only drives our success but also fosters a strong sense of unity among the entire team. Under Nevin's capable leadership, our company thrives, a testament to his unwavering dedication and expertise.


Shannon Mizzen

Shannon, our latest addition, seamlessly stepped into the role of General Manager, immediately becoming a vital asset to our team. Despite being the newest member, his adaptability and versatile skill set have made an indelible impact on our operations. With a keen eye for detail and a proactive approach, Shannon adeptly navigates every facet of our projects, ensuring that every aspect is meticulously attended to. His primary focus lies in client satisfaction, as he diligently works to ensure that each project culminates in the utmost delight for our valued clients. Shannon's commitment to harmonizing efficiency and customer contentment defines his role as an essential driver of our team's success.



At Nev’s Roof Restoration, our mission is to make our customers lives easier by providing high quality roofing services with clear communication, simplified processes and a team orientated approach.



Customer Oriented

This is your roof over your home at the end of the day, we are here to provide a positive experience for everybody involved. So, you can go on loving the look of your new or restored roof.



We strive to better our communication efforts to all our customers and team members every day. This creates a stress-free environment for both the customer and our team members every day.



You’re trusting us to provide a quality restoration, we take this very seriously and will do our best to make sure your restoration project runs as smoothly as possible.



A small, family-owned team means teamwork is critical to allow for a fast-paced work environment to flow. We are at the mercy of the elements so having a small nimble team allows us to change between jobs quickly.



There’s no need for over complication in our projects, you give us the go ahead and we take initiative to make sure your roof and service is exactly the way you envisioned from the start.


To deliver quality roofing solutions to all homeowners in our local
community with honest and simple communication


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