Drone Roof Inspection


Professional Drone Roof Inspection in Brisbane

The drone roof inspection service from Nev’s Roof Restoration in Brisbane has the ability to fly close to buildings, and into awkward positions where other means of access may not be safe, appropriate, or cost effective.

See the Results of Your Roof Restoration

We can provide detailed high-definition pictures of buildings and structures where ladder access and cherry pickers/scissor lifts may not be viable. Nev’s Roof Restoration can offer a quick solution to investigating an area that needs to be inspected. We can liaise with the client on the ground ensuring that all areas of concern are inspected for the most effective roof restoration Brisbane.

We also have an option of before and after photos of your full roof restoration. Please let our team members know if this is something you would like us to supply and we can deliver before and after photos/videos of your restoration or roof replacement.

We are CASA certified
Our skilled drone pilot can fly close to the structure
Safely deliver HD photos and video
Fully insured business

Drone Packages (inc. GST)

Roof Inspection: $750.00

Roof Inspection (Multi Unit Complex): $1,950.00

Before and After Photos (Includes Drone Inspection and Editing): $2,000.00

Short (30 Second Edited) Video: $3,000.00

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