Roof Repointing & Rebedding Brisbane


What is Roof Pointing & Roof Bedding?

The integrity of your roof is vital to the security of the rest of your home. A key element of this integrity is roof bedding and pointing. They work together to keep your roof held together and your home protected from water and other environmental factors.

Roof Bedding

Roof bedding is the sand and cement mortar which keeps your tiles in place. It’s important that your roof bedding is regularly maintained with professional roof rebedding services. This ensures that your tiles are adequately secured and your roof is protected.

Roof Pointing

Pointing is the flexible material that’s applied to the outer edges and joints of your roof tiles. Pointing is necessary to create a water-tight seal to prevent water from entering your roof and ceilings.

When Do You Need Roof Repointing?

Your roof and its tiles are exposed to the elements and harsh weather conditions. Over time, your pointing and bedding will naturally wear down. That’s why it’s vital to prioritise the maintenance of your roof.

Unsealed roof tiles allow water and other materials to enter your roof, ceiling, and eventually the inside of your home. This can quickly become a disaster requiring expensive repairs. Avoid this hassle by regularly having your roof inspected by roof restoration specialists in Brisbane.

When bedding and pointing have worn out, they can become a hazard to not only you, but others in your community. Loose tiles and shingles have the risk of falling and hurting someone.

Nev’s provide high-quality, professional roof repointing and rebedding in Brisbane. Call us today on 0412 537 375, or keep reading to learn more about our services.

Our Repointing Services

At Nev’s we have all your roofing needs in Brisbane covered. Our process is simple:

As part of our maintenance service, we’ll inspect your roof tiles and determine whether there are any tiles that need replacing, such as cracked tiles. We’ll inspect the quality of your existing bedding and pointing before our skilled team gets to work with rebedding and repointing your tiles.

We work efficiently and carefully, with minimal disturbance to your environment while we work. Before you know it, you will have a good-as-new roof that's properly sealed and protected from the elements.

We have a wide range of other quality roof restoration services including roof repairs, roof cleaning, asbestos removal, roof painting, roof replacements, and more. Call us on 0412 537 375 to discuss your individual needs and our team will be more than happy to assist you!

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How Much Does Roof Repointing Cost?

The price of roof repointing and/or rebedding services in Brisbane will vary depending on different factors. These include:

Size of Your Roof
A large roof with more shingles or tiles will take longer to rebed and will usually cost more.

Extent of Existing Damage
If there are existing cracked tiles, prices can increase if these need to be replaced.

Service Provider
It also depends on the individual service provider. Here at Nev’s, we provide our services at the most competitive rates to ensure that you’re getting excellent value for money. We’ll beat any genuine quote on roof repointing in Brisbane.

Beware of quotes from roofing contractors that sound too good to be true. Chances are, you will be receiving a rushed job that may not be completed by fully trained and experienced roofers.

At Nev’s, you know you’re receiving the best services from a team with more than two decades of experience. Peace of mind, excellent roof repairs and maintenance at an affordable price - that’s great value!

Why Choose Nev’s for Roof Repointing in Brisbane?

The team at Nev’s are experts at what they do. We’re a passionate, highly experienced team of local Brisbane roofers, dedicated to performing quality work and providing amazing roofing solutions.

Nev’s are second-to-none for all your repointing and bedding needs:

 Have more than 25 years of industry experience
Are family owned & local to Brisbane
Committed to quality workmanship
Fully licensed roofers
Friendly staff & exceptional customer service
Highly competitive rates on all of our roof restoration services

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We’re experienced at identifying all issues with roofs, be it cracked tiles, rust, holes, or worn-out bedding. Don’t risk the integrity and value of your home by leaving it exposed to nature. Water damage can be expensive to repair, and in severe cases may even lead to a collapsed roof or ceiling.

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