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We Fix Leaking Roofs in Brisbane

Nev's Roof Restoration has a team of qualified roofers with many years of experience in repairing leaking roofs throughout Brisbane. If you've noticed droplets of water running down your walls or dripping from your ceiling, don't hesitate to call Nev's Roof Restoration, Brisbane's roof repair specialists.

Signs of a Leaking Roof

A leaking roof can actually go unnoticed for some time, especially if the source of the leak is not obvious. It pays to be vigilant regarding potential roof leaks so that you can get the leak repaired quickly before it worsens, saving you stress and money in the future. Look out for:

Water droplets falling from the ceiling
Ceiling stains
Wet spots on the ceiling or wall
The appearance of mould
Rusted or wet pipes

If you have noticed any of the above in your Brisbane home or office, contact the friendly professionals at Nev's Roof Restoration on 0412 537 375.

How Can Your Tell if Water Damage is Old or New?

To figure out whether the water damage in your home is old or new, you can spot some visual clues. Firstly, new water damage will be darkish and firm to the touch, in comparison to older water damage which will have dried water rings and be squishy to touch.

Whether the water damage caused from a leaking roof is old or new, it is recommended to have a qualified professional to inspect the sign and look for the source of the damage. That's why as soon as you spot potential water damage indicating a leaking roof, you should contact Nev's Roof Restoration.

Quality Leaking Roof Repairs

When Nev's Roof Restoration's qualified roofers arrive at your property, they come equipped with knowledge, years of experience, specialised skills, and the equipment necessary to prove the best roofing services in Brisbane. You will enjoy the peace of mind that your leaking roof has been fixed, and no further damage will come to your property after our visit.

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How We Can Help

Our team of experienced roofing professionals can quickly locate the source of your leak and provide you with the best solution tailored to your needs. We provide long-term fixes with our excellent workmanship and service.

Nev's Roof Restoration provides the most efficient and effective roofing solutions in Brisbane, and ensure minimal disruptions to your home or office. Our Dulux accredited painters can readily fix leaking roofs with brand new pointing and fresh weatherproof Dulux paint.

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When experiencing a leaking roof in the middle of or following a Brisbane storm it’s important that you get in contact with a professional roof restorer ASAP. Nev’s are the most reputable and trustworthy team in Brisbane, offering unbeatable leaking roof repair services.

Act Immediately & Give Nev’s a Call to Avoid

  • Issues with your insurance coverage
  • Rotting roof problems
  • Toxic mould build up
  • Rust and decay metal roofs
  • Extensive damage to your property

Don't let that wet spot on your ceiling get any bigger!

Contact the team at Nevs Roof Restoration today on 0412 537 375 for efficient, reliable and competitively priced leaking roof repairs in Brisbane.