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whirlybird installation

Expert Whirlybird Installation in Brisbane

A whirlybird is a roof ventilator that is wind-driven. This means it doesn't need any power source to keep it spinning. It's an energy-efficient and cost-effective way to cool your home without regular maintenance or considerable expense.

Nev's Roof Restoration supplies and installs whirlybirds on tile and metal roofs to all Brisbane and its surrounding suburbs.

How Do Whirlybirds Work?

This kind of roof ventilator works to cool your home by pushing hot air up and out of the roof. The best thing about whirlybirds is that they automatically operate on their own. Forget about switching on buttons because the wind will do all the work for you.

Benefits of Installing Whirlybirds

There are many advantages of whirlybird installation to both residential and commercial properties:

Zero energy consumption
Reduce heat build up and moisture
Easy to install
Proper ventilation even in low wind speed
Ideal for tiled or metal roofs
Less maintenance
One-time set-up for long-term use

How Many Whirlybirds Do I Need?

As a general guide, a house with 1-2 bedrooms requires two whirlybirds, a house with 3-4 bedrooms needs three or four, and a house with 4-5 bedrooms should have four whirlybirds. These numbers are only a general indication but consider that there should be one whirlybird or roof vent per 50 square meters of your roof. Use this guide to ensure proper ventilation, heating and cooling throughout your home.

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Whirlybird installation at Nev's Roof Restoration is known to be the best in Brisbane. With a focus on efficiency and convenience, Nev's team of experts ensure that whirlybirds are properly installed and provide the right ventilation for your residential or commercial property.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We make sure to check what is suitable for your home and personal needs. Every whirlybird installation will be done with minimal disruption to your home or workspace.

Every Brisbane Home Needs Whirlybird Installation

Many Brisbane homeowners aren’t aware of the positive impact that whirlybird installation will have to their homes. Whirlybird installation does not only provide excellent ventilation, but you can also reduce costs in the long run. You no longer need to turn up air conditioning every time the midday heat sets in. With a properly ventilated area, you can continue with your daily tasks without sweltering in the heat. Contact Nev's Roof Restoration if you need whirlybird installation or whirlybird roof vent replacement.

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As well as offering whirlybird installation for your tile or metal roof, we supply and install complete roof ventilation systems. Call Nev's today for a free quote 0412 537 375