Dulux Colour Chart

Dulux Roof Paint Colours

How To Choose A Dulux Roof Paint Colour For Your Climate

At its hottest, Brisbane’s climate is subtropical and humid. When choosing a Dulux roof colour, you’ll need a colour that serves the dual purpose of enhancing your home’s aesthetic and keeping your house cool in the hotter months. Choosing the lighter Dulux roof paint colours like White, Off White, and Cream will help deflect heat and keep your roof space cool. These lighter colours are the best choice for energy-conscious homeowners looking to reduce the cost of their energy bill. Darker Dulux roof paint colours like Ebonite, Indian Red, and Dark Brown will absorb heat and may not be suitable for residential and commercial properties in Brisbane. 

Should Your Roof & Gutter Be The Same Dulux Colour? 

It comes down to personal preference. Use the same Dulux roof paint colour if you want your roof and gutters to blend seamlessly. This will give your home a contemporary finish that will enhance its overall aesthetic. You can then highlight your individuality on other surfaces, like your front door and letterbox. Alternatively, choose another complementary colour from the Dulux Colour Chart for your gutters, or a colour that is lighter or darker than the one you have chosen for your roof. Having a contrasting colour for your roof and gutters can make your home look more sophisticated.  

Expert Dulux Roof Paint Colour Advice

Get in touch with one of our professional roof painters to match your current Dulux roof colour, or to help you choose a new Dulux paint colour scheme for your home. Dulux paint colours appear differently on the chart than they do in real life. As a general rule, colours will appear lighter once applied to a large, glary surface, such as your roof. We recommend that you request a sample from our team to help you decide which Dulux paint colour is right for you.