man in a white jumpsuit standing on the roof on top of wood and metal scaffolding

Nev's Roof Restoration re roof and roof replacement both

tile & metal roofs all across Brisbane and surround area .

Nev's Roof Restoration has over 25 years experience roof repairing  and roof replacing metal and tile roofs in Brisbane and Surrounding suburbs.

We re-roof corrugated metal roofs and Trimdeck metal roofs. In the process we batten screw the nailed battens found on older roofs to strengthen them, giving you peace of mind when the summer storm season comes. With an eye on the weather we never leave a roof uncovered or partially uncovered overnight. The time it takes to re-roof a house depends on the size of the roof, access and the weather. For larger roofs we bring in a larger roofing gang. Most re-roofs are completed within 2 to 3 days of commencing work.

Some clients request that we supply and fit new gutters and down pipes at the same time. If you are thinking of re-roofing your house and the gutters are rusted and or leaking we can replace your existing gutters with gutters colour matched to you house. This takes away possible future inconvenience or the possibility of tradesmen scratching or damaging your new roof at a later day.

When finished, we remove all the old roofing and tidy up any old screws and rubbish so you premises look as though we hadn’t been there. All you are left with is your new and shining roof. 0412 537 375

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