Should You Install A Metal or Tile Roof In Queensland?

Are you a Queensland homeowner tossing up between a metal or tile roof installation? It can be hard to determine which might be best for your situation and particular needs. That’s why we have written this handy guide on some things you might consider to help you make an informed choice about your roof. 

Things to Consider When Choosing A Roofing Material

Cost & Maintenance

Generally, a metal roof installation is going to cost you more than a tile roof. The reason metal roofing is more expensive is because of the raw material costs, and the skill and expertise necessary to install a metal roof compared to shingles. However, this is the upfront cost. Metal roofing can actually save you money in the long run due to it’s durability, reduced need for maintenance, and energy savings. A metal roof will not always be more expensive than shingles, it depends on many factors. Contact Nev’s Roof Restoration for a quote on your roof restoration.

Energy Efficiency

When considering the energy efficiency of your roofing choice, metal roofs may take the crown. As a natural insulator you can reduce your energy costs during winter or summer, as your roof will help maintain a good temperature in your home. Your metal sheet roof can reflect sunlight, preventing your interior from heating up. In comparison, roof shingles tend to be about the same temperature of the outside. They also absorb sunlight and can increase your homes internal temperature. A tile roof therefore is unlikely to significantly reduce your heating or cooling costs. However, the colour of your tiles can make a difference, with dark tiles absorbing more heat and white tiles able to reflect some sun rays. 

Aesthetic Appeal

What about the way your roof actually looks? Metal roofing and colorbond has been a popular choice throughout Queensland (and the rest of Australia) for a long time now. 

Many styles and colours of metal roofing are available giving you more options to choose from. Metal roofing is a sleek and modern look to it that can give your home serious street appeal. 

Tile roofs however have an old-school cool, typical ‘Aussie home’ look to them. Their charm might be something that appeals to you, and might fit in better in your neighbourhood depending on the style of your surrounding homes.

Generally, metal roofs have great flexibility when it comes to design, able to fit in with a wide variety of architectural styles. In the end though, this comes down to personal preference. 

Sound Insulation

Roof tiles tend to outperform metal roofing when it comes to soundproofing. Rain and hail on a metal roof can be very loud, but this can be taken care of with proper insulation installed. Roof tiles are thick and dense, allowing for natural sound insulation to give your home some additional peace and quiet. If you live in a high noise area, maybe next to a busy highway or in the city, a tile roof could make a big difference in reducing sound. 


Something that should not be overlooked in considering your roofing options is weight. Terracotta or concrete roof shingles are much heavier than metal roofing sheets. You can be looking at a difference between 60 kilograms per square metre for tiles, opposed to steel sheets at five kilograms per square metre. Depending on the size, structure, and composition of your home, tile roofing may not be a suitable option.

Durability and Weatherproof

Metal and tile roofs each have great durability, so you should be able to depend on your roof to last many decades. If you want to compare the two, however, here’s what we know. 

In Queensland we experience all kinds of wild weather, including thunderstorms and hail storms, so the durability of your roof is important to consider. You can expect a metal roof to last around 30 to 45 years. However, they can become dented and scratched in severe weather and may require restoration services.

Tile roofing can last around 50 years, and is also very durable. However, harsh weather conditions can lead to tiles shifting and cracking. Generally a tile roof will require more maintenance than a metal roof. This is a cost you should factor in when making your decision.

Both steel metal roofs and terracotta tile roofs have the pros and cons, and are each a popular choice for homes in Queensland and broader Australia. Consider some of the things we have listed in this article when making your choice so that you know you’re making an informed decision. Ultimately, the choice is yours. Make sure you contact experienced roofing specialists to help with the install or restoration of your roof.