Can You Paint a Colorbond Roof?

There is far more to choosing a roof colour than matching the exterior of your house. The colour sets the tone and style of a home and can be easily changed. So why switch your colour? Your roof’s existing colour fades with exposure, the paint may chip, and dark stains, mould, or rust can develop. Or perhaps you want to change the aesthetic and image of your home. 

If you have a Colorbond roof and think it’s time to update, read below to learn the trade secrets.

Choosing a Roof Colour

You’ll be spoiled for choice with our Dulux colour chart featuring a selection of both heritage and contemporary colours. Colorbond also has a selection of 22 classic finish colours, with six in a matt finish. Ranging from Dove White to Night Sky, you can explore cool, neutral and warm roof colour choices. 

Cleaning Your Roof

The first step before you begin painting is to clean your roof. You can use a professional roof cleaning service for this to avoid injury to yourself and ensure a thorough clean. Removing any dirt, debris, rust, leaves, critters or mould will make the final job look that much more polished, and will help extend the longevity of your roof.

Priming Your Roof

A quality paint job begins with priming your surface. A priming layer will help seal your roof to make it water resistant – this is particularly important if your roof has holes, rusted areas or excessive sun exposure. It will ensure that the paint properly binds to the metal surface. Most Colorbond roof paints will already have a priming agent. 

You will need to research whether the paint that you’ve selected is self–priming or requires you to purchase a separate primer. 

Should You Use Professional Painters?

Using the services of a professional painting company or contractor will save you much time and effort. Without proper equipment and experience, you’ll be at high risk of injury by attempting to paint the roof yourself. 

A roof needs to be painted every 10–15 years and it is worth hiring professionals to ensure you aren’t returning to problems before this time.