How to Find & Fix a Roof Leak

What You Need To Know About Roof Leaks 

Roof leaks don’t have to instill fear in every homeowner. In recent years, many areas of Australia have experienced heavier and more regular rainfall. More than ever, households are needing leaky roof repairs to combat damage caused by severe weather. 

But let us share the secret to minimising the damage caused by roof leaks: It’s all about knowing how to identify them in the first place. When you suspect that water is coming in from your roof, you’ll want to pinpoint the location of the leak and know how to handle the situation. Here’s our definitive guide for leaking roofs: 

Signs of a Leaking Roof

Water Damage

One of the best indicators of a leaky roof is water damage in your ceiling. Look for areas of the ceiling that appear warped, bulged or discoloured. Water may have even begun to drop from these areas, indicating a more serious leak. 

Strange Smells

Even without obvious water damage to your ceiling, you’ll be able to notice signs of a leaking roof. The most common indicator is the smell of a room. If your nose detects an unusual, musty smell like damp clothes, then there’s a good chance that a roof leak is the cause. 

Loose/Missing Shingles or Tiles 

The most overlooked sign of a leak is missing or loose shingles or tiles on your roof. In most cases, these won’t be obvious and unless homeowners are especially tuned–in to the condition of their roof, a leak can easily go unnoticed. The best thing to do is to make a point of just looking up at your roof when you return to the house after work, or a day out. If you’re regularly observing your roof, you’ll soon be able to spot anything amiss. 

Why You Need To Repair a Leaky Roof

It’s important to address leaks quickly. They will compromise the integrity of your roof and cause your ceiling and walls to deteriorate – leading to holes or total collapse. If leaks are left unchecked for too long, what could have been a simple repair could turn into a total replacement job. 

But it’s not only your house that’s at risk. There’s also your health to consider. When water is pooling in your ceiling and roof cavity, it’s creating the perfect breeding ground for mould. Exposure to mould can be harmful to your health, leading to a range of issues from eye and throat irritation, to infections and allergic reactions.

Identifying Where Your Roof Leak Is

Visual Inspection 

In some cases, a simple visual inspection will tell you where the roof leak is located. Make note of this to make the job of leaky roof repair experts easier when they arrive at the scene. While this might not be the exact location of the damage to your roof, it significantly narrows down the search.

Entering the Roof 

Remember, only enter your roof if you know that it’s safe to do so. Make sure that the power is off and that the area is accessible. If you haven’t been in your roof cavity before, it’s best not to make a start when you suspect that your roof is damaged. If you think that it’s safe to enter, have a look for any pools of water, any gaps of light coming through the roof, or patches of stained wood due to moisture. If you see water running across the rafters inside your roof, follow the trail to the top of your roof to identify the exact location of the leak. 

If you still can’t pinpoint the location of your roof leak, or you don’t have an attic/ceiling cavity, it’s time to call in the roofing professionals to assess the situation.

How to Fix Your Leaking Roof

So you’ve got an idea of where your roof is leaking, what’s next? First, you’ll want to get it repaired ASAP to minimise water damage to your home. While some roof tiles and damage can be replaced or fixed with tools from a general hardware store, it’s best to avoid a DIY fix, especially for complex roof leaks.

Roof restoration companies have experienced professionals who are able to conduct a thorough inspection of your roof, identify the source and cause of your roof leak, and apply the best solution for the situation. Our leaky roof repair team at Nev’s Roof Restoration have got you covered with a range of services:

✓ Retiling & shingling

✓ Repointing & re-bedding

✓ Repainting & sealing with Dulux AcraTex

✓ Full roof replacements

Why Hire a Leaking Roof Repair Professional? 

Professional roof restorers are able to perform work efficiently & safely, ensuring long–term results that will properly fix the problem. When you attempt a DIY, there’s always the risk of incorrect or ineffective repairs that can lead to more costly repairs or full roof replacements down the road. Performing work on a roof is dangerous, so for the sake of your safety and the integrity of your roof, contact the professionals for leaky roof repairs.