before and after shots of roof restoration with new blue coloured roof

Nev's Roof Restoration Dulux Accredited painters offers a complete roof restoration service for cement tile, terracotta tile, and metal roofs.


Common sense tells us that the roof must be watertight before cleaning it so with all restorations the first step is to replace all damaged tiles or sheets. The next step in the roof restoration process is to clean the roof with a chemical free high pressure water blaster (or  gurney).

Cement tile roofs are the most common type of roofing found in the Brisbane area. When estimating the cost of restoring your roof Nev's Roof Restoration representative will note whether the cement bedding that secures the ridge caps needs repairing. After cleaning the roof flexi-point will be applied to the ridge caps giving it the strength and flexibility to expand and contract with variations in temperature. Before the sealer coat is applied the roof is again checked and the coat applied. Following this, two top coats of roofing paint you have chosen from our Dulux colour chart  are applied. The complete roof restoration takes 2 to 3 days.


Terracotta tile roofs follow the same process (see above) for cleaning and pointing. Because of the inherent beauty of terracotta tiles many people prefer to have their terracotta roof tile cleaned and the ridge caps pointed only. After cleaning and pointing some customers ask for a clear glaze to be applied to inhibit growth of moulds and fungi.

Metal roofs, whether they be zincalume, galvanised, or colorbond are checked for integrity, damaged sheets replaced and then screws are used to effectively lock down the sheeting where necessary. The roof is cleaned with a chemical free high pressure water blaster. A sealer coat designed specifically for metal roofs is applied and two coats of top coat are applied. Some paints for metal roofs contain a rust inhibitor. If you would like the rust inhibiting paint on your roof you should specify this when consulting our company representative.

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