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Nev's Roof Restoration Dulux Accredited painters offer a complete roof restoration service for cement tile, terracotta tile, and metal roofs. FREE whirlybird with every full restoration

Quality Roof Restoration Services for your Home

Roof restoration is a meticulous process that requires the knowledge and skills of an expert. Nev's Roof Restoration is the best at what they do. They have delivered excellent services to homes for several years and have always achieved customer satisfaction.

What makes Nev's Roof Restoration different is that we take the time to know what you need, and determine suitable restoration options for your home. We offer the most durable roofing material partnered with excellent workmanship and friendly customer service.

How It Works

Create a Watertight Seal
Common sense tells us that the roof must be watertight before cleaning it, so with all restorations, the first thing to do is to replace all the damaged tiles or sheets.

The next step in the roof restoration process is to clean the roof with a chemical-free, high-pressure water blaster (or gurney).

If desired, we can finish your restoration with a fresh coat of Dulux AcraTex paint.

What To Expect From Roof Restoration

There are several things to consider when planning to restore your roof. If you want to renovate your entire roof, restoration procedures may be a more suitable choice than having a roof replacement.

Experienced Roofers

You won’t find a more qualified team of roofing specialists in Brisbane. We take pride in our workmanship, ensuring our customers are satisfied with their service they receive and their roof restoration each and every time. With our services, you’ll be able to add considerable value to your home’s market value and aesthetic appeal. Find out why customers throughout Brisbane choose Nev’s. All of our roofers are fully licensed to perform a wide range of roof restoration services.

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Types of Roofs We Restore

Cement Tile Roof

Cement tile roofs are the most common type of roofing found in the Brisbane area. When estimating the cost of restoring your roof, Nev's Roof Restoration representative will note whether the cement bedding that secures the ridge caps needs repairing. After cleaning the roof, flexi-point will be applied to the ridge caps giving it the strength and flexibility to expand and contract with variations in temperature. Before the sealer coat is applied the roof is again checked and the coat applied. Following this, two top coats of roofing paint you have chosen from our Dulux colour chart  are applied. The complete roof restoration takes 2 to 3 days.

Terracotta Tile Roof

Terracotta tile roofs follow the same process (see above) for cleaning and pointing. Because of the inherent beauty of terracotta tiles many people prefer to have their terracotta roof tile cleaned and the ridge caps pointed only. After cleaning and pointing some customers ask for a clear glaze to be applied to inhibit growth of moulds and fungi.

Metal Roof

Metal roofs, whether they be zincalume, galvanised, or colorbond are checked for integrity, damaged sheets replaced and then screws are used to effectively lock down the sheeting where necessary. The roof is cleaned with a chemical free high pressure water blaster. A sealer coat designed specifically for metal roofs is applied and two coats of top coat are applied. Some paints for metal roofs contain a rust inhibitor. If you would like the rust inhibiting paint on your roof you should specify this when consulting our company representative. Need metal roof restoration services? Reach out to us!

Our Roof Restoration Services

Roof Repairs

Need quality roof repairs in Brisbane? You've come to the right place! As part of our roof restoration services, our team is trained and experienced at detecting and repairing roof leaks. Prevent extensive damage from water leaking into your ceilings, compromising the integrity of your home structure. When rainwater enters your home, this can also lead to mould building up on your walls and ceilings. At Nev’s, we’re adept at noticing small details including cracked tiles, flashings and pointing that can be the cause of your roof leaks. We work efficiently and thoroughly to patch up your leaking roof, providing long-term solutions.



We check for any cracks in your roof's pointing and assess the quality of your seals. We scrape away old mortar that is no longer effective at creating a solid seal. Our skilled roofers readily replace your pointing to ensure a water-tight seal is created, ensuring your home has long-term protection from rainwater.

Roof Painting

A great way to give your home a facelift at an affordable price, our roof painting service is perfect for old roofs in Brisbane homes and businesses. We use high-quality Dulux AcraTex roof paint, some colours are able to be ordered with infraCool technology, which reflects the sun and helps reduce heat build-up, ideal for hot Queensland summers. Protect your roof's integrity and aesthetic appeal for years to come with a fresh coat of paint. We also offer some rust-proof roof paint options.

Roof Cleaning

To restore your roof, we will clean it with a chemical-free, high-pressure water blaster. This is highly effective at removing dirt and silt build-up, and getting rid of harmful bacteria. Bacteria on your roof can cause your roof to degrade, causing cracks to form which can be more costly to restore than a roof cleaning.

Gutter Cleaning & Protection

At Nev's, we can restore broken, rusted and clogged gutters. If you have clogged gutters, we'll clear out all the leaves, nests and pests that have built up. Brisbane homes receive large amounts of rainfall, so it's important to ensure water can drain properly, to prevent leaks in your roof. We can also install gutter guards to protect your gutters from leaves and vermin.

Whirlybird Installation

Whirlybirds are an energy-efficient way to cool your home. They help to minimise moisture levels and prevent the growth of toxic mould in your roof and home. Nev's offers free whirlybirds with any full roof restoration!

When Should You Have Your Roof Restored?

If you think replacing your roof could be the best option, you might rethink your decision and consider restoring your roof instead. A roof should be cleaned every 1-3 years to ensure its longevity, although this may be more frequent if your Brisbane home experiences lots of hail and heavy rain. It costs less than having a roof replacement. Our roof restoration services guarantee that your roof will be looking as good as new. To know whether roof restoration is the right choice for your house, you can call the experts at Nev's Roof Restoration for quick inspection and professional advice.

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