Why Get a Drone Roof Inspection? 

What Is a Drone Roof Inspection? 

Get a spectacular view of your new roof restoration or replacement with our new drone roof inspection service! Our licensed operator will fly a drone close to your roof to video areas where access is limited, awkward, or simply not safe. Our video is high-definition and features both close-up and distant footage of your roof to showcase the results of our hard work.  

Why Should I Get a Drone Roof Inspection? 

See What You Couldn’t See Before 

Drones are designed to be small and manoeuvrable enough to inspect tight and unsafe spaces. There may be sections of your roof too high, steep or damaged for roofers to physically climb. No roof is the same and we can’t guarantee easy access with ladders and cherry picker machines. With a drone roof inspection, you can bypass these limitations and see any area of your roof, from any angle or distance. 

Save on Time & Money  

One of the main reasons our customers choose a drone roof inspection is to save on their budget and the time required to work on their roof. Eliminate the need for extra equipment like cherry pickers, ladders and additional labour because drones only need one operator, not an entire roofing team. After all, it’s far quicker to fly a drone up instead of waiting for professionals to safely climb the roof.

Get A High-Quality Video Of Your Roof Restoration Or Replacement 

Imagine the world of difference between seeing a video taken by someone standing on the roof itself, and one taken professionally, at a height, by a drone. Get a high-definition video of your roof with before and after photos, close-ups and long shots.

Avoid Further Damage To Your Roof 

Drone roof inspections are also used to inspect the potential damage to your roof prior to any work being performed. Usually, a professional roofer will physically examine the damage – walking on the affected areas of the roof in the process. The last thing homeowners need is a bigger price tag on their roof restoration. Avoid the risk of further damage altogether by investing in Nev’s drone roof inspection. 

Get In Touch 

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